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Welcome to Orissal. Founded in 2017 as a one-product company called Denta-Cool, our goal was to provide the dental industry with a unique solution to a common problem. After finding success and developing industry relationships, we saw the need to offer additional high-quality dental instruments at a great value.

Today, we as a company found value and a mission to deliver simple solutions to the dental professional. We continue to add more products that we can bring value to the dental market.

Welcome to the Orissal family. Anaqa, manufactured in Europe and sold worldwide, has granted Orissal exclusive dealership rights for North America as of July 2020. Orissal is proud to offer the dental community never before seen products, like a single patient, a multi-use syringe with needle stick guards, and Anaqa’s complete line of high-quality value-driven stain steel instruments.


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