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Are Any Oral Syringes Reusable?

In the office of any dentist or orthodontist, oral syringes play crucial roles in a wide variety of procedures, from the most minor to the most important. Emergency extractions rely on oral syringes to numb the patient’s tissues and dull the pain of a pulled tooth, while a simple cleaning might require the use of an oral syringe to irrigate around teeth or expose a portion of the patient’s gumline. Regardless of how they’re used, these dental instruments are counted on across the country to help bring about better outcomes for professionals and patients alike, but questions still remain surrounding how to get the most out of these tools. One key question involves how much mileage a dentist can get out of their syringes, which is why we often get the question, “Are any oral syringes reusable?” To learn more, keep reading as the team at Orissal – providers of top-tier dental equipment for sale – explain.

Common Types of Reusable Oral Syringes

As with many types of medical and dental tools, oral syringes are available in both reusable and disposable versions, with certain kinds being better for certain procedures or clinical settings. The most common types of reusable oral syringes include the following, which can be found in many dentists’ offices:

Reusable Irrigation Syringes

For everything from cleanings to oral surgery, an irrigation syringe is essential to clear away food debris around or between the teeth. This creates a cleaner, more sterile atmosphere for a variety of procedures, and while almost any kind of oral syringe can work here, many professionals chose reusable syringes to save money or secure products with more durable designs, since many reusable oral syringes are made with stainless steel.

Reusable Anesthesia Syringes

Another common fixture in the offices of dentists and orthodontists everywhere is the reusable anesthesia syringe. This important instrument is used to penetrate the patient’s soft tissues – usually the gums – and so it must be durable, especially along the needle and at the gasket where the needle is attached to the barrel of the oral syringe. For this reason, a reusable syringe made from steel is often used.

Reusable Bone Substitute Syringes

During few procedures are specialized oral syringes as necessary as during a bone substitute injection; not only is the synthetic bone difficult to work with, but the syringe needs to be able to reach deep into the mouth, along the jawline. This is why dentists and oral surgeons rely on reusable bone substitute syringes, which are made specifically to handle this critical and unique task.

Where to Get Reusable Oral Syringes

Before you can go about employing reusable oral syringes at your dental practice, you’ll need to hunt down a reliable source of these tools. In today’s digital age, most dental professionals turn to online shopping as their preferred method of finding supplies, including reusable oral syringes.

The result of this trend is that many manufacturers and dental supply outlets offer shopping via a website or third-party online marketplace, and big Internet companies like Amazon offer a limited selection of the kinds of products dentists need. If you’re in the market for an oral syringe that’s reusable, try some of these sites, or do a quick search via Google or Bing to see what the Internet has to offer.

Alternately, many physical stores offer reusable oral syringes, which can be selected in-person at the business’s location or through a representative who comes to your practice. Checking what’s available locally may be a simple and easy solution.

Pros and Cons of Reusable Oral Syringes

Even a quick side-by-side comparison between reusable oral syringes and their disposable counterparts will show that there are advantages to the former; the steel frames and sturdy designs of reusable syringes make them a more aesthetically pleasing option, and the thought of not having to buy new tools every week or month is certainly appealing.

That said, closer inspection will reveal that disposable oral syringes can give reusable products a run for their money – or even surpass them, in many instances. For one thing, reusing dental equipment increases the odds of transferring bacteria from one patient to another, even with sterilization procedures in place. Disposable syringes can eliminate this issue because a syringe used on one patient won’t touch another, which means no chance of cross-contamination.

Another benefit of disposable oral syringes is that they can often be recycled. The disposable syringes available from Orissal are 100% recyclable, for instance, so they won’t wind up sitting in a landfill for decades or centuries the way a steel syringe will. This makes disposable oral syringes a better option for the environment, despite their throw-away nature.

Plus, disposable oral syringes are less expensive than their metal brethren, and they’re often more flexible as well. Orissal disposable syringes can be adjusted to add extra cartridges for anesthetizing patients, and they are compatible with all Imperial dental needles. Syringes are available in boxes of 24, so they’re easy to buy in bulk, and they’re designed to allow aspiration when injecting a patient.

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