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Are There Reusable Dental Syringes That Are Available?

Dentists, like other business owners, must constantly balance the costs of securing inventory against the value of those supplies. Although few dental professionals actually sell items to the public, all rely on certain products to care for their patients, including a range of dental tools. One of the most important and commonly used of these tools is the dental syringe, which can enable tasks as varied as delivering synthetic bone to improve the structure of someone’s jaw or numbing a patient before a procedure. For many dentists, the big question surrounding dental syringes is whether to buy those that are disposable or those that can be reused. Here, the team at Orissal will look at this topic, starting with the question, “Are there reusable dental syringes that are available?” Keep reading to find out.

Types of Reusable Dental Syringes That Are Available

As with any kind of delicate work, dental procedures often call for a very specific tool designed for that particular task. For this reason, a number of different reusable dental syringes are available on the market today, including the following products:

Irrigation Syringe

A common need in any dentist’s office is the need to clear away bits of food from around the area where a dentist will be working. To do so, water or air is typically ejected from an irrigation syringe, which takes the form of a metal or plastic dental syringe, possibly with a curved tip for easier access to hard-to-reach parts of the mouth. The result is improved visibility and a more hygienic site for dental operations.

Anesthesia Syringe

Whereas an irrigation syringe can take a number of forms, anesthesia syringes tend to have only one basic form: a dental syringe with a cartridge-based loading chamber and rigid metal tip. Because these syringes need to penetrate the gyms, it’s important that they be as durable as possible to prevent needle breakage, and many dentists use reusable dental syringes for this task.

Bone Substitute Injection Syringe

For certain extensive dental procedures, a bone substitute syringe is required to deliver synthetic bone-like material where it’s needed. This dental syringe is typically used to add strength to the jawbone when it has been damaged or worn away, so it’s not as commonly utilized by dentists, but it does provide an invaluable service under certain circumstances.

Where to Get Reusable Dental Syringes

Finding the right reusable dental syringes is easier than ever in today’s digital culture. By simply hopping on the Internet, a dentist or a member of their staff can quickly locate and order the right types of reusable dental syringes from reputable sellers. It’s important to remember, however, that there are a number of less-than-ideal options when searching for reusable syringes online.

Try to focus your Internet search on sites that offer some sort of rating system, especially those that host a number of different manufacturers and brands. These sites tend to have less reason to promote a certain brand over others, so they may be more impartial. However, even on these sites, it can be tough to sort the wheat from the chaff and single out the exact reusable dental syringe for your business.

Are There Dental Syringes That Are Disposable?

Although it may seem like a no-brainer to choose reusable dental syringes over their disposable kin, the truth is that disposable dental syringes offer a number of advantages that should be weighed against those of reusable products. Let’s look at some of these benefits below.

Guaranteed Sterility

Naturally, a dental syringe that is reusable has certain benefits, but sterility often isn’t one of them. Although these products can be cleaned in a dentist’s office, there’s far more potential for cross-contamination between patients if products – especially those involved in penetrating tissues – are used over and over again, even with sterilization procedures in place.

Disposable dental syringes, on the other hand, have the advantage of never having been used before, since old syringes are thrown away or recycled after a single use. This ensures that no patient transfers germs to another through a shared syringe and might reduce the frequency of infections.

Recyclable Syringes

A reusable dental syringe may seem less wasteful than some disposable options, but keep in mind that a reusable syringe will always make it to the trash heap eventually. Because they are typically made of metal, they can sit in a landfill indefinitely, never breaking down.

Some disposable dental syringes – including those that are available from Orissal – can actually be recycled, thanks to the use of biodegradable materials. This means that a disposable syringe will spend less time buried in the ground, taking up space and potentially serving as a pollutant.

Easy to Use

Because they’re designed as quick, single-use instruments, disposable dental syringes are often easier to use than their reusable counterparts. A disposable syringe made from lightweight, recyclable plastic sits easier in the hand, making many common procedures – from applying anesthesia to irrigating between teeth – even faster and simpler.

Disposable Dental Syringes and Other Quality Products Available from Orissal

Providing top-tier care requires the use of top-tier equipment, from syringes to drills and everything in between. If you are a dentist in need of new stock or one looking for an efficient, affordable supplier, let Orissal help you cut costs without sacrificing quality. Learn more about all our offerings by visiting Orissal online or calling 1-866-461-7518 today.