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The Best Place to Get Dental Supplies

Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, orthodontist, or any other kind of health professional, providing the best care to patients means having the right tools on hand, tools that can often get expensive in a hurry. To keep your practice in funds while continuing to meet patients’ expectations, you may need to look around and see what options you have when it comes to buying dental supplies; while some vendors may charge an arm and a leg for a particular instrument or item, others can offer superior prices and higher-quality products. If you are a dentist or orthodontist and have found yourself wondering about the best place to get dental supplies, know that you have a wide variety of options at your disposal; keep reading as the team at Orissal discusses this important topic at length.

Top Places to Buy Dental Supplies

The Internet is a vast and often confusing place, one where a particular vendor could be an honest broker of dental supplies as easily as they could be a scammer out for your money. To avoid issues with fraudulent sites and get the instruments you need to ensure your patients’ oral health, consider getting your next shipment of dental supplies from one of the following places.


Though Orissal got its start as a company providing a single, specialized item – a unique oral cryotherapy device called Denta-Cool – we have expanded to become arguably the best place to get dental supplies today. All of our products are manufactured by Anaqa, a top-tier brand, and are built to last (with the exception of our disposable safety syringes, of course). We stock a wide variety of essential instruments at reasonable prices; check us out today.

Third-Party Marketplaces

When searching for dental supply providers online, you will likely have come across a few sites that feature products from several different brands, organized by category. These online, third-party marketplaces can offer a wide variety of supplies, but it can be hard to judge the value or reliability of a given product on these sites. Still, they may be worth exploring if you’re searching for something highly specific.


Anyone with an Internet connection has probably visited more than a few times, and for obvious reasons. This site hosts a huge variety of products, and shipping is often free for Prime members, so it’s no wonder that the company is one of the most profitable in the world. When it comes to dental supplies, however, view any Amazon page with a wary eye; the site has been known to host items with fake reviews, making quality something of a concern.


Perhaps the second-biggest online marketplace after Amazon is eBay, which is known primarily as a site where users buy and sell from one another, rather than from a company or brand. Still, there’s always a chance that someone could have the dental supplies you’re looking for, given the sheer number of posts, and it’s often possible to find a deal (though you may have to place a bid rather than buy items outright).

What Kinds of Dental Supplies Can You Get from Orissal?

If, like us, you think that Orissal is the best place to get dental supplies, your next question is probably what we have in stock today. The good news is that we can offer many of the tools and instruments found at dental and orthodontic practices throughout the country, including the following products:

Dental Syringes

Few tools are as ubiquitous at dentists’ offices as the dental syringe. Though it’s often thought of solely as a way to give an injection, dentists and orthodontists use these devices for a variety of purposes, including irrigation. Orissal offers disposable safety syringes that can accommodate a number of important tasks and are 100% recyclable.

Elevators and Periotomes

It’s unfortunate but true: many patients at dentists’ offices need to have teeth extracted, and two of the most common instruments used to get the job done are the elevator and periotome, both of which are available from Orissal. The first is used as a lever to essentially pry out teeth, while the second slides into the socket between tooth and bone to sever the periodontal ligament with its sharp, thin tip.

Oral Cryotherapy Devices

As more and more patients and dentists have shied away from the use of painkillers after procedures, oral cryotherapy devices have become more popular. The Denta-Cool device available from Orissal can cool the entire mouth uniformly to help reduce pain and swelling without the need for medication, and it’s simple and easy to use.

Orthodontic Cutters and Pliers

Working on braces is a highly specialized business, making orthodontic pliers and cutters very much in demand. Orissal offers a variety of both types of instruments, which are made from durable stainless steel and boast tungsten carbide tips for greater reliability. Like our other instruments, orthodontic tools from Orissal come with a warranty that provides customers with peace of mind.

Get the Dental Supplies You Need Today from Orissal

Ensuring the quality of the products you buy is a tough task, even when you can see them up-close and in-person; buying dental supplies online only gets more difficult. At Orissal, we pride ourselves on offering dependable, warranty-backed dental instruments for the discerning dentist or orthodontist. Learn more about all the products we offer by visiting us online today or calling 1-866-461-7518.