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Can Dental Syringes Be Bought Wholesale?

Although their goals revolve around providing quality care to their patients, dentists and orthodontists nonetheless have a bottom line to think about, which means minimizing costs whenever possible. Like other kinds of businesses, dental and orthodontic practices rely on a steady influx of supplies to ensure they can perform the services their customers expect, and one of the best ways to ensure that as little as possible is spent on these products is to buy dental supplies wholesale whenever possible. However, wholesalers are notoriously fickle; they only make money by selling things in bulk, preferably at regular intervals, which is why the wider public doesn’t have access to these vendors. If you’re a dentist or orthodontist on the lookout for ways to save on supplies, you might be wondering, “Can dental syringes be bought wholesale?” To find out, keep reading as the experts at Orissal explain.

Kinds of Dental Syringes You Can Buy Wholesale

While there are many different tools that fall under the umbrella of “dental syringes,” a few of them in particular are available wholesale to dental practices. These are the less specialized syringes, which makes sense; the more specialized the product, the less often it’s needed and the fewer of them a dentist’s office will require. Since buying wholesale means buying in bulk, these specialized instruments don’t generally make the list. The following dental syringes do qualify as common wholesale products, though:

Anesthesia Dental Syringes

The tissues of the mouth are quite sensitive, which is why dentists rely on anesthesia almost any time they perform some kind of procedure on a patient. Because of the ubiquitousness of anesthetization at dental and orthodontic practices, most oral health professionals need anesthesia dental syringes in substantial quantities. For this reason, it makes sense to buy anesthesia syringes wholesale whenever possible.

Irrigation Dental Syringes

As common as anesthetization may be at dental practices, irrigation may be even more so. The act of irrigating teeth involves clearing away bits of food from around the teeth and gums, especially in the area where the dentist is going to have to work, using bursts of water or air; this is an especially common procedure for orthodontists who need to clean between the wires of braces. In either case, irrigation dental syringes are extremely common, and most dentists prefer to buy these syringes wholesale to save money.

Multi-Use Dental Syringes

Although both anesthesia and irrigation syringes are common, more modern designs have created dental syringes that can handle either task. These dental syringes tend to be adaptable, as anesthesia syringes use capsules and irrigation syringes use a standard barrel, and the tips are very different from one type of syringe to another. Still, it is increasingly common for dentists and orthodontists to buy multi-use syringes wholesale, since they offer the best flexibility and bang for your buck.

Benefits of Buying Dental Syringes Wholesale

There are many places where oral health professionals can get the tools they need, but not all of these vendors offer their products wholesale. Still, it’s worth hunting down the companies from whom dental syringes can be bought wholesale, since they offer some significant benefits, including the following:

Lower Cost Per Unit

When you buy dental syringes wholesale, you buy them in large quantities. The trade-off for these large orders is that the seller can afford to charge less for each individual unit, since the greater quantity ensures that they’ll make a profit regardless. The result is a lower cost overall for buyers, allowing dentists to reduce supply costs and save money (as long as they can justify the large orders).

Higher Profits

The flip-side of lower costs for dentists is that they can make more money from appointments. Even if every patient needs anesthesia or irrigation, the cost of providing these services becomes much more manageable because the cost of the materials used to provide care is lowered.

Less Frequent Orders

The third major benefit of buying dental syringes wholesale is that a dentist or orthodontist can make their orders less frequently. Having to constantly receive and handle new shipments of dental syringes or other supplies can eat up man-hours at any dental practice, so reducing the frequency of this task can free up staff for other endeavors.

Where Dental Syringes Can Be Bought Wholesale

The only question left to ask is where dental syringes can be bought wholesale. Depending on your location, the answer to this query can vary, but most dentists and other oral health professionals find these products on the Internet nowadays. Online marketplaces make it easy to connect to manufacturers and wholesalers from the convenience of your desk, and sites like Orissal offer top-quality products at the touch of a button.

Our company provides disposable multi-use dental syringes that can be adapted for anesthesia or irrigation as needed, thanks to adjustable barrels and a design that’s compatible with all Imperial dental needles. These products are available wholesale in boxes of 24 syringes, and they’re 100% recyclable.

Buy Your Dental Syringes Wholesale from Orissal

Finding out where and how to buy dental syringes wholesale doesn’t need to be taxing. Orissal makes it easy to find disposable safety syringes, bone files, orthodontic cutters, and a variety of other products that can keep your dental or orthodontic practice running smoothly without costing you an arm and a leg. Learn more about all that Orissal has to offer or place an order today by visiting us online or calling 1-866-461-7518.