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How to Choose the Right Dental Syringe

Any job requiring delicate work is one that demands the proper tools, and dentistry is no exception. Dentists and orthodontists frequently have to inject medication into people’s mouths, drill into teeth, and wash away harmful bacteria or debris, and to do so, they need top-tier dental equipment that gets the job done while providing a comfortable experience for patients. Although this means a variety of demands are placed on a dentist’s supply closet, one of the biggest is the need for a quality dental syringe, which helps dental professionals tackle a number of important tasks. Whether you’re a seasoned dentist or still a student at a school of dental medicine, you might see the many different dental syringes available today and find yourself wondering how to choose the right dental syringe. For help, keep reading as the team at Orissal addresses this key topic.

Types of Dental Syringes to Choose From

Even a quick search of the Internet will turn up a wide array of dental syringes, each promising to solve this problem or that issue when working on a patient. Naturally, not every syringe can handle a particular task; in fact, many are highly specialized, though there are some that offer greater flexibility. Below, we’ll look at some of the most common types of dental syringes available on the market today and briefly cover what they’re used for.

Irrigation Syringes

Few tasks are as common among dentists’ offices as irrigation – the removal of food matter with a squirt of water or air from a dental syringe. The irrigation syringe, also known as a water syringe, is used for this very purpose, and it’s a fixture almost anywhere you go.

Anesthesia Syringes

Anytime a dentist needs to work on a patient’s teeth – whether to apply a filling or extract a damaged tooth – they need to numb the patient, and that’s where an anesthesia syringe is used. These tools tend to use capsules containing pre-measured quantities of a numbing agent to do their work, and they feature stronger, longer needles for better penetration into the gums.

Bone Substitute Syringes

Though less commonly used than some other types of dental syringes, bone substitute syringes are nonetheless necessary at many dental practices. At times, a patient’s jaw must be augmented or reinforced with synthetic bone material, which can’t be injected through a standard dental syringe. Under these circumstances, bone substitute syringes are used.

Multipurpose Syringes

Dental syringes are frequently designed with a particular purpose in mind, but more and more of these instruments are being made to accommodate a variety of procedures. Today, multipurpose or multi-use syringes can be employed to irrigate or anesthetize as needed, thanks to modular designs that allow different needles and other parts to be swapped out when necessary.

Things to Look for When Choosing the Right Dental Syringe

When considering how to choose the right dental syringe, it’s important to look at more than the type of syringe; you also need to weigh the features a particular product offers. Here, we’ve assembled a list of some of the most important things to look for in a dental syringe.

Aspirating vs. Non-Aspirating Dental Syringes

A fundamental feature that some dental syringes offer is the ability to aspirate – in other words, to suck in air or matter before a substance is injected. This allows dentists to avoid blood vessels or remove fluids. Generally, aspiration is accomplished by equipping a syringe with a thumb ring, allowing the user to pull out the plunger before pressing it inward. However, other features are also necessary, such as a properly designed gasket; some syringes are even self-aspirating.

Choosing the Right Needle for a Dental Syringe

Most dental syringes allow for needles to be switched out so that the syringe can handle some specific task, but you’ll still need to consider what type of needle to get when choosing a dental syringe. The materials on these parts can vary – some are plastic, while others are steel – as can the lengths, bevels, gauges, and overall shapes; while some needles are straight, others curve to reach difficult areas.

Choosing a Reusable or Disposable Dental Syringe

The last point to keep in mind when picking a dental syringe for your practice is whether you want to get reusable tools or disposable ones. Many dentists lean toward reusable syringes as a cost-saving measure, but these instruments carry their own challenges that shouldn’t be ignored; they need to be regularly sanitized, for one, and there’s a greater potential for cross-contamination between patients when reusing the same syringe. These products also sit in landfills for extremely long periods of time when eventually thrown away.

If you choose a disposable dental syringe, on the other hand, you can get a product that you know is sterile, since they are only used once. The disposable syringes available from Orissal are also recyclable, so they’re better for the environment than many other brands, and they can achieve aspiration or be adjusted to accommodate additional anesthesia cartridges.

Get the Right Dental Syringe Today from Orissal

The Internet is full of options for those looking to choose the right dental syringe, but Orissal makes the decision an easy one. Our company provides top-tier syringes, files, elevators, and other dental instruments at affordable prices to dentists across the country. Learn more about all we have to offer by visiting Orissal online or calling 1-866-461-7518 today.