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Denta-Cool (Sold Out)


Denta-Cool™ is a drug-free, reusable, in-mouth cooling device that provides an innovative and more effective (than traditional ice packs or chips) method to treat oral pain by cooling the mouth from the inside.

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Freeze units overnight before the next day’s procedures. After the procedure, send the patient home with Denta-Cool™ inside their mouth.

Patients can use Denta-Cool™ as an effective alternative to opioids to manage and reduce oral pain and swelling.

Denta-Cool™ is a unique, patent pending and ergonomic oral cryotherapy device. This FDA registered medical device provides relief to dental patients after oral and gum surgeries, tooth extractions, dental implants and maxillofacial surgeries. Denta-Cool™ mouthpiece delivers continuous cooling for the entire oral cavity. It provides more comfortable and better relief from oral pain, swelling and discomfort than external ice packs without a prescription and no prescription drugs.

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Dimensions8 × 4 × 4 cm