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Should You Get Dental Supplies from Amazon?

In this age of online shopping, everyone from dentists to landscapers rely on digital vendors for the supplies that keep them in business, and no company has been able to capitalize on that trend more than Amazon, the Internet giant started by Jeff Bezos back in July of ‘94. Today, the company offers a huge variety of products, some even from their own brand. Given this wide selection and the ease with which almost anyone can order exactly what they need at the touch of a button, it’s no wonder why dentists and other oral health professionals often consider using the Internet behemoth to get their supplies. However, it’s worth asking: Should you get dental supplies from Amazon? For more on this topic, keep reading as the team at Orissal explains.

What Dental Supplies Can You Get from Amazon?

We all know that Amazon has a wide selection of products available, but few have looked through the dental supplies the company provides. Many of their options seem to be designed for use by everyday consumers in their own homes, but the following are some of the dental supplies Amazon offers to oral health professionals:

Face Masks

Any medical environment requires the observation of certain procedures to maintain sterility, and the use of face masks is one of the most important at any dentist’s office. Amazon offers these in large packs for those who need them.

Bibs and Bib Holders

Anyone who’s sat in a dentist’s chair is bound to be familiar with the use of bibs and bib holders – those lengths of silicone with clips at both ends, the ones that wrap around your neck and hold the bib in place. Both products are available through Amazon, though not always in large quantities.

Nitrile Gloves

As with face masks, nitrile gloves are essential in any dentist’s office to maintain the appropriate level of hygiene and sterility. These gloves are available from Amazon.

Drill Bits

To handle a variety of procedures, dentists need a variety of drill bits, and Amazon has sets of these tools available at low prices.

Cotton Gauze

Another fixture during many dental procedures is the roll of cotton gauze that’s sometimes stuck into a patient’s mouth to keep an area dry or prop the mouth open. Amazon has large packs of these available online.

The Pros and Cons of Getting Dental Supplies from Amazon

Considering an Amazon order to get dental supplies is one of those things that may seem like a no-brainer but should bear greater scrutiny, given the importance of the products in question. Naturally, dentists and their staff members like the benefits of placing an Amazon order; it’s quick and easy, for one thing, with convenience that’s tough to beat, especially considering the prevalence of Amazon Prime-eligible products that could be delivered in only a day or two for no extra charge (for those who pay for the service).

The attractiveness of these benefits is obvious, even if you’re not a dentist, but it’s important to keep in mind that the products being ordered will be used for delicate operations, including injections, drilling, cleaning, and other services that take place in the cramped – and sensitive – mouth of a human being. Consider also that the reputation of any dentist rests with the experiences and opinions of their patients, and you may start to see the issue with speeding through an order on Amazon.

One potential issue is the relative lack of assurances regarding a product’s quality and effectiveness. All Amazon products feature some sort of review, which is ostensibly used to reflect that product’s quality, but the validity of those reviews is often questioned because of the fact that some vendors attempt to manipulate their ratings, sometimes through paid reviews. Of course, not all products suffer from this issue; some may provide tools and equipment of good quality, but the potential for fake reviews can make it tough to figure out just what would work for your practice and what could pose a danger to patients.

Ultimately, it’s up to each professional to decide what corners they’re willing to cut, and for those willing to give Amazon a try, there’s no denying its unparalleled convenience.

Benefits of Buying Dental Supplies Online from Orissal

While Amazon takes up much of the online shopping environment, it is by no means the only option for dentists looking to get their dental supplies via the Internet. A number of digital marketplaces exist that any dentist can peruse at their leisure; Orissal is one such option. Our company offers a variety of tools crucial to any dental practice, including the following;

Our instruments are manufactured by Anaqa and are conveniently available by phone or through the Orissal website. All shipping is free within the U.S., and returns and refunds are available to those who need them.

Let Orissal Supply Your Dentist’s Office with Quality Instruments

Every dentist wants to offer quality care to their patients, but doing so can be impossible without an array of dental supplies. Orissal seeks to help dental professionals stay stocked with all the tools they need at a price they can comfortably afford. Learn more about everything Orissal has to offer by visiting us online or calling 1-866-461-7518 today.