Where Do You Go to Purchase Dental Supplies for Your Practice?
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Where Do You Go to Purchase Dental Supplies for Your Practice?

Dentists and orthodontists have all sorts of business needs unique to the field of oral health, especially where instruments and other supplies are concerned. The tools of the trade are essential to provide optimal care to every patient who walks through the door, but the price of these products can quickly eat into any dentist’s budget. To save money in the long term while continuing to provide top-quality care, many oral health professionals like to explore their options and shop around for supplies to find the best deal. Whether you’re a new dentist or one who’s been working in the field for some time, you’ve probably wondered, “Where do you go to purchase dental supplies for your practice? To find out, keep reading as the team at Orissal provides some answers.

Where You Can Purchase Supplies for Your Dental Practice

Life at a dentist’s office can get incredibly busy, so it’s no wonder that many oral health professionals try to find ways to purchase dental supplies for their practices while minimizing the effort and time required. It’s for this reason that the vast majority of dentists turn to the Internet when purchasing tools and supplies, but it can sometimes be tough to spot the reputable vendors among the wealth of options.

Given the reputation of Internet giants like Amazon, those sites are often the first place dentists and others look for the supplies they need, but large companies that host many sellers often can’t guarantee the quality of their products. Plus, not all products are available in bulk or at reduced prices.

If you’re interested in buying supplies for your dental or orthodontic practice, look for companies that provide high-quality goods at reasonable prices. Orissal stocks a wide variety of dental instruments manufactured by Anaqa and backed by one- or multi-year warranties for unparalleled peace of mind. All our products can be shipped directly to your location, so there’s no need to visit a physical store or meet with a sales rep; you can get all the tools your practice needs with minimal effort from Orissal.

Types of Dental Supplies You Can Purchase for Your Practice from Orissal

It takes more than a basic syringe or tiny mirror to provide comprehensive dental care to those in need of it. A full complement of tools is required, including some that can be difficult to find. If you are on the hunt for dental supplies for your practice, know that the following options are available today from Orissal:


When a tooth needs to be removed, the elevator is often one of the first instruments a dentist will turn to. These tools work as levers that slide under the bottom edge of a tooth, then work to lift it out of the socket by applying force. An alternative to the traditional elevator is the luxator (or luxating elevator), which slides into the socket and severs the periodontal ligament to minimize the need for physical force.


In addition to elevators, any list of common tools used in extractions will include periotomes, a less-forceful alternative that is often preferred over elevators. Instead of using the tool as a lever, which puts pressure on the bones of the mouth, a dentist can slide the thin, sharp tip of a periotome in between the tooth and the surrounding bone to sever the ligament there and make extraction easier without risking damage to the bone or socket.

Bone Files

Oftentimes, dentists must reshape teeth and bones, and one way to do so is through the use of a bone file. This tool has a rough surface that scrapes away hard tissue during a variety of procedures, and Orissal offers three products to choose from in this category.

Disposable Syringes

Many dental and orthodontic tasks require the use of some type of syringe, though this category of instrument can be quite broad. From irrigation to the application of anesthesia, dental syringes are an essential part of many procedures, and Orissal offers disposable, multi-use safety syringes – which are 100% recyclable and can be adjusted to accommodate additional anesthesia cartridges – in bulk, available online.

Cryotherapy Devices

It’s not uncommon for patients to end a long or difficult procedure feeling significant discomfort, both in the short term and long term. Although some dentists prescribe painkillers to deal with these issues, many of the common options are potentially addictive. Oral cryotherapy devices like Orissal’s Denta-Cool mouthpiece can chill the oral cavity quickly and effectively without the use of drugs while having the added benefit of reducing swelling in the oral cavity.

Orthodontic Tools

Applying and adjusting braces can be complicated work, but with the right tools, a number of challenges can be effortlessly overcome. The orthodontic cutters and pliers available from Orissal are treated with a satin finish that limits reflections for improved visibility under the bright lights of your orthodontist’s office, and the tungsten carbide tips can stand up to significant wear and tear. All our equipment comes with a five-year warranty, too.

Purchase Dental Supplies for Your Practice Today from Orissal

No matter where you’re located or what your dental practice might specialize in, Orissal has the instruments you need to get the job done safely and comfortably. Learn more about all our offerings or place your next order by visiting us online today or calling 1-866-461-7518.